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28th January 2024.
In the name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful. In only Him do we have infinite confidence that our endeavors to please Him will never be in vain.
Ladies and Gentlemen, help me thank Allah for His immeasurable blessings and protection upon us and for softening the hearts of some of us to generously invest in the upliftment of Islam and the mission of prophet Mohammed(SAW) on earth and the hereafter.
Alhaji Ability is a man of few words who prefers to work for fellow human beings in secrecy regardless of religious background and all other differences but with caution against anything unIslamic.
Alhaji Ability was born and bred at Nima-441 and emerged as an Electrician with extraordinary talent.
He traveled to Japan a couple of years ago and upon return invested so much in land acquisition business, Estate developed business, and other peripheral businesses to help create more wealth to the benefit all, especially, his community in Accra and the Volta Region, Adzagey-Agbozume to be precise.
One of his offices is located around Adjiriganor and that vicinity is named after him ABILITY.
The mosque edifice Alhaji Ability constructed at Adzagey is nicer to see with the naked eye than to be told.
I was there last Friday for a funeral and I couldn’t believe my eyes with what I saw regarding the mosque and other facilities he provided for the benefit of the town people and those traveling along the Tema-Aflao highway.
Please help me congratulate Alhaji Ability for the beautiful Mosque he wholeheartedly constructed to help propagate Islam and the teaching of Prophet Mohammed(SAW) in a non-Muslim community. This is a superlative jihad one can talk about endlessly.
Information I gathered indicated that the mosque edifice has brought about unity and tranquility among Muslims, Christians, and traditional believers in the town.
I will keep you updated with the school edifice he has constructed for the community which cost him a lot of money, all for Allah and the community.
The Imam delivered sermons in Arabic briefly, extensively in Ewe, and shortly in Hausa because of those of us who joined the congregation from Accra.
Have a feel of the mosque photos attached and make sure you will make a stopover when traveling along the road to have a physical feel of the mosque edifice.
By Mohammed Amin Lamptey.

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