Stonebwoy unveils first single for 2024 ‘Believe In Africa’ at APC Awards

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Renowned Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy has made a dazzling entry into 2024 by unveiling his first single of the year, titled “Believe In Africa,” at the prestigious Africa Prosperity Champions (APC) Awards.

The unveiling took place during the Africa Prosperity Champions Awards on Friday, January 26 at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City in Accra, a captivating musical performance that added an extra layer of excitement to the awards ceremony.

The song, “Believe In Africa,” is anticipated to be a powerful anthem that resonates with themes of unity, pride, and faith in the continent’s potential. Stonebwoy’s music often carries profound messages, and this release is expected to be no exception.

The APC Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements across various sectors, served as an ideal backdrop for Stonebwoy to connect with his audience and convey the essence of “Believe In Africa.”

The artist’s involvement in the awards ceremony added a special touch, combining musical excellence with a celebration of achievements.

The artist continues to make waves both within Ghana and on the international stage, solidifying his position as a musical icon

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