Private Lawyer under prosecution for forgery and perjury

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Maame Ekua Ofori, an employee and lawyer in one of Ghana’s leading telecommunications companies, is currently being prosecuted for signature forgery of a financial services company, and perjury.

According to the charge, not only did Lawyer Maame Ekua Ofori forge company regulation documents of a financial services company, but also swore a fraudulent Affidavit to sway the case in her favor.

Maame Ekua Ofori currently faces two significant charges. The primary count is “forging of documents,” a charge that goes against Section 158 of the Criminal Offenses Act 1960 (Act 29). The second count is “Perjury,” contrary to Section 210 of the Criminal Offenses Act 1960 (Act 29).

As the legal proceedings continue, the public awaits the court’s decision, which could affect the way professionals are viewed.

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