NPP Primaries: Ahmed Shaib ejects ‘landlady’ Tina Mensah from Weija-Gbawe

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In a surprising upset, Tina Mensah, the incumbent MP for Weija Gbawe, has been defeated in the New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary elections by Jerry Ahmed Shaib, the CEO of the Coastal Development Authority (CoDA).

As a result, Jerry Ahmed Shaib will represent the NPP in the constituency in the upcoming December 7 election, vying for a parliamentary seat.


Despite Tina Mensah’s confidence in retaining her seat, where she referred to herself as the “landlord” and her opponent as a “rented aspirant,” the election results paint a different picture.

Out of the 1,151 votes cast, Jerry Ahmed Shaib secured a significant victory with 786 votes, representing 68.53%, while Tina Mensah garnered only 361 votes, representing 31.47%.

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