My IDEG lecture resulted in my trial – ACP Agordzo alleges

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ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzo, who was acquitted of treason charges by an Accra High Court, has alleged that his involvement with the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) led to his trial.

According to him, after delivering a lecture at the IDEG event, he was warned by some colleagues in the service to be careful otherwise he would be dealt with.

 During an interview on TV3 on January 28, 2024, ACP Agordzo recounted how his critique of the IDEG program, even though it was not aimed at the sitting government but at systemic issues within the police council’s structure, caught the attention of authorities.

“As an investigator in the police, most of the time, you reconstruct the crime scene and when I reconstructed this whole thing, I could tell that you this whole thing started from the IDEG presentation that I did in 2018. In that presentation, I critique not the sitting government but a system in place where the police council is dominated by the party and the government in power, and for that matter we could not have an independent police operating.

“From that point and given the people at the forum, and the fact that the defense intelligence, CID capos, and other senior officers were there, once you begin to talk about these things in a tough way, and especially in uniform as an Assistant Commissioner of Police, you are on national security radar and they will be watching you,” he stated.

He continued: “After my presentation, a lot of my friends even from their sides called me to tell me to be careful because they are looking for me and the last thing I will do, they will take me on. So, I wasn’t surprised,” he stated.

ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzo was one of the three who were acquitted by an Accra High Court on January 24, 2024, for treason charges.

The other six who were found guilty of high treason were sentenced to death by hanging.

What ACP Agordzo said at the IDEG presentation

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