Kenyan protesters demand end to femicide and call for urgent action

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Protesters in Kenya, including Catherine Syokau, a woman with a disability, rallied against femicide, emphasizing equal rights for women, particularly those more vulnerable due to disability.

Esther Passaris, a parliamentary representative for women, advocated for non-bailable sexual gender-based offence charges, urging the creation of local standards.

Eric Theuri, President of the Law Society of Kenya, emphasized the country’s judgment based on how it protects the weak and vulnerable, highlighting the need for legal safeguards for women.

The protests, spurred by recent murders of over a dozen women, were the largest anti-femicide demonstrations in Kenya, with protesters wearing T-shirts bearing the names of victims.

In Nairobi, traffic was halted as demonstrators demanded an end to violence against women, expressing hostility towards Passaris for her perceived inaction.

The president of the Law Society of Kenya asserted that the slow judicial process exacerbates gender-based violence, citing a shortage of judges and resources.

Reports indicate at least 14 women killed this year, with femicide cases reaching 500 from 2016 to 2023, as many incidents go unreported. Notable cases involved women killed at Airbnb accommodations, prompting calls for urgent action against gender-based violence.

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