I gave birth to over 20 children, but I only took responsibility of 5 – Actor Paa George says

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Popular Ghanaian actor, Paa George has revealed that he has fathered over 20 children but only took accepted responsibility of only five children.

Recounting his career journey from the days of “Concert Party” to his transition into the cinematic world, Paa George shared the challenges faced by entertainers striving for recognition.

Paa George revealed that many of the women he fathered children with in his come up, did not recognize him as their dad.

Speaking on the root cause of the lack of respect, Paa George pointed out that stereotypes about entertainers at the time did not allow entertainers to build genuine relationships to marry women of their choice.

Paa George remarked that whichever time he tried to take responsibility for such a child birthed by some woman, he was rejected by the parents upon being revealed his stand at the Concert Party.



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