Fibrus: About 2,000 Fibrus customers still offline after storms

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About 2,000 Fibrus broadband customers remain without internet following storms Isha and Jocelyn.

Storm damage had affected more than 5,200 customers – about 7% of the Fibrus customer base – with the company blaming strong winds and heavy rain for “significant issues” for customers.

In a statement on Thursday, Fibrus said it had now restored coverage to more than half of those affected.

They said work remains ongoing to reconnect all other customers.

Storm Isha caused widespread disruption and damage across the UK after bringing heavy rain and winds up to 99mph.

Storm Jocelyn followed shortly after and although not as severe as Storm Isha, gusts of up to 71mph were recorded in parts of Northern Ireland.

Fibrus apologized for any delays in restoring network connections and said its teams were working tirelessly to resolve outstanding problems.

“All properties will be reconnected as soon as possible and we ask our customers to please bear with us while we deal with some difficult conditions in rural and hard-to-reach areas,” a spokesperson said.

The company said it would provide compensation in line with Ofcom’s Voluntary Automatic Compensation Scheme and assess compensation claims on a case-by-case basis.

Worst weather event in a decade

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) Networks said it expects to restore power supplies to its remaining 159 customers, who are without power, by midnight on Thursday.

Engineers have been working continuously to repair damage to the network caused during Storm Isha and Storm Jocelyn.

At one stage 53,000 customers were without supply.

NIE Networks said the storms earlier this week constituted the worst weather event experienced by the company in more than a decade.

NIE crews working to restore services after the storms
Image caption,

NIE Networks expects to have restored power to all customers by midnight Thursday following widespread damage to the network caused by storms Isha and Jocelyn

Some customers will lose power for a short period as repair work is carried out in isolated areas, the company said.

A spokesperson for NIE Networks said any customers still without power should get in touch with them.

“Remember to consider additional properties, holiday homes, or vacant premises,” the spokesperson said.

They also asked people to check on relatives and neighbors, particularly in remote areas, to make sure they had electricity.

NIE Networks also reminded people to “maintain safety around any damaged electricity equipment and never approach a broken pole or overhead power line”.

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