All my ‘wicked father’ did was to buy ‘leftover, inferior Christmas dress’ for us – GH Mouthpiece

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Television personality GH Mouthpiece, known privately as Adwoa Asuama, has recalled what she described as the unfair treatment her father meted out to her and her siblings during their childhood days.

The social media commentator in her interview on The Delay Show did not mince words on how her upbringing was and the uncomfortable situation her father put them through including his refusal to see them through school and having penchant for buying them inferior products as Christmas gifts.

Now 31 years old, GH Mouthpiece, born and raised in Wenchi in the Bono Region said her first time in Accra was when she gained admission to Accra High School having completed Junior Secondary School in her hometown.

Despite being ready to pursue higher education after completing her time at Accra High School, she was compelled to forgo her admission to the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) due to the financial hardships imposed on her family by their father.

“When I completed SHS in 2011, I should have furthered my education. I got admission to UPSA but I couldn’t because I had to work and cater for my younger siblings,” said GH Mouthpiece. “My mother had died; my father was all over the place enjoying life at our expense.”

She continued: “My father never catered for us. He never did. I recall when my younger sibling was done with school, she had aggregate 8; my mother went to my father to inform him. While they were talking, he left for a cutlass from the kitchen and said my sister should go and farm. What a load of tosh.”

In the interview monitored by, GH Mouthpiece asserted that her father’s demeanor could not be ascribed to poverty or hardship, as he was a wealthy man. According to her, it was sheer wickedness on his part.

“We were three girls. He never took care of us. All he knew was buying inferior Christmas dresses for us,” she said. “He would go to Wenchi market he would wait for the last market and buy us the leftovers. The sandals were so inferior that, you take a step and it’s destroyed.”

“My father had money; he was a wealthy man, very rich. In our village, I can say my father was the first to have bought a private car. Regardless, he didn’t cater to us. It was wickedness.”

“After my mother, he has married three different women and has many children. He has about eleven or twelve children now,” she added, clarifying that her statements were not meant to disrespect her father but rather to provide vivid descriptions of the man.

In spite of her father’s lack of attention, GH Mouthpiece shared that she now extends support to him.

“I still look out for him. I give him money and take care of him when I have Despite she said.

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