Walewale: Six including 6-year-old injured as gunmen attack bus

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A passenger vehicle traveling from Missiga in the Upper East Region to Kumasi has been attacked by gunmen.

This has resulted in the hospitalization of at least six individuals, including a six-year-old child, in Walewale.

The unprovoked attack has prompted heightened security measures, with both police and military personnel taking control of the Walewale-Bolgatanga highway to ensure public safety.

Authorities are investigating the incident to apprehend the perpetrators and maintain order in the affected area.

The victims, recovering in a hospital in Walewale, are receiving medical attention following the traumatic attack.

The motives behind the assault remain unclear, and law enforcement agencies are actively working to gather information and bring those responsible to justice.

On Monday, January 22, a tragic incident unfolded in Bawku as six people lost their lives in a fresh attack.

Gunmen ambushed a bus en route to a market in Binduri, opening fire indiscriminately on the vehicle.

The victims, comprising two males and four females, fell victim to the sudden and violent attack, marking a disturbing turn of events in the area.

This unfortunate incident occurred after a period of relative calm in the town, highlighting the precarious security situation in the region.

The attack took place 48 hours after a brief respite, raising concerns about the persistence of violence in the area.

Such incidents emphasize the need for concerted efforts to address underlying issues contributing to insecurity and to ensure the safety of residents in volatile areas like Bawku.

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