National Security Ministry launches initiative to repair hazardous potholes on Spintex road

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The Human Security Department of the Ministry of National Security is working to address the problem of hazardous potholes affecting certain sections of the Spintex Road.

In addition to serving as a vital thoroughfare, the road connects various neighborhoods of Accra to other locales; however, its deteriorating condition has caused concern for both commuters and authorities.

As a result of numerous complaints and a significant increase in accidents resulting from the road’s poor condition, the National Security Ministry’s Human Security Department has initiated a comprehensive rehabilitation project.

The objective is not only to repair existing potholes but also to undertake critical infrastructure improvements, ensuring that all motorists can navigate the road safely and easily.

Rehabilitation work began on Thursday, January 25, as part of a concerted effort by the Human Security Department to place the public’s well-being and safety above all else.

As the project is expected to be completed within ten working days, the department is committed to expediting the process to minimize disruptions to commuters and residents.

This initiative forms part of the department’s broader strategy, which strongly emphasizes addressing the community’s fundamental needs and concerns by focusing on enhancing vital infrastructure for everyday life.

The team from National Security affirmed that this “proactive approach will not only alleviate the immediate challenges faced by motorists but also contribute to the overall improvement of transportation infrastructure, enhancing the quality of life for residents and commuters alike.”

“They emphasized that the rehabilitation of the Spintex Road would effectively “resolve the road challenges faced by motorists who use the stretch.”

“Our Human Security Department under the Ministry of National Security is responsible for all aspects of human security, including solving human needs and providing equal opportunities for all citizens. This also forms part of our new strategy of ensuring that we at the Ministry of National Security are focused on addressing human needs.”

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