I turned down sex from a celebrity Tiktoker – Amerado

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Renowned Ghanaian rapper Amerado discusses an uncomfortable experience in which he was subjected to unwanted sexual approaches from a TikTok celebrity in a recent interview with Okyeame Quophi.

The ‘Abronoma’ hitmaker discloses that the TikTok girl expressed her desire for a sexual meeting through explicit texts, including videos and photographs of her in her knickers.

During the candid conversation, Amerado describes the incident as occurring via direct messages on TikTok, recounting explicit content where the girl conveyed her intentions. “It was on TikTok, and it was a direct message, nudes. ‘I want to eat you.’ Yeah, a video where she was shaking her ass and all,” he shared.

When asked if he believed it was a trap, Amerado expressed disbelief, asserting, “Oh, I felt like naa, this cannot be me. Why would I fall for something like this? I mean, I have put in so much work to be too shallow-minded for this. I didn’t even mind the person.”

While the rapper refrains from disclosing the identity of the TikTok personality, he adds that she was a plus-size lady and not his preference, emphasizing his preference for cute girls with a bit of curves. “I didn’t even like her because she was a plus-size girl; I don’t mean to disrespect plus-size girls, but I like cute girls who are a bit curvy.”

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