Henry Quartey has no respect for me although I brought him into being – Sheikh I.C Quaye

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Former Ayawaso Central MP, Sheikh Ibrahim Cudjoe Quaye, has accused the incumbent legislator, Henry Quartey of gross disrespect.

After casting his vote in the recently concluded primaries, Sheikh I.C. Quaye stated that he had been subjected to verbal attacks from Mr. Henry Quartey. He expressed disappointment in the current Ayawaso Central MP, claiming that Quartey has failed to show respect to those who supported and contributed to his political journey.

Furthermore, Sheikh I.C Quaye mentioned that Quartey took the matter to President Akufo-Addo, reporting him for not being in favor of Quartey.

The former MP has decided to support Moses Abor, a participant in the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) parliamentary primaries for Ayawaso Central, and not the incumbent legislator, Henry Quartey.

“He has no respect for anybody. I brought him into being. He doesn’t do any politics. Last year, I got Moses. He (Henry Quartey) has been insulting me all over the place. He went to even report me to the president that I don’t like him,” he said.

Earlier, Moses lodged a formal complaint accusing the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, of planning to manipulate the upcoming election using unauthorized security personnel.

In a complaint submitted to the Inspector General of Police, Abor, the former NPP Greater Accra Youth Organiser, asserted that Henry Quartey intends to deploy “illegal security personnel” to sway the poll in his favor.

Abor claimed that the Regional Minister plans to use both private security personnel and individuals from the Ghana Police Service who allegedly owe allegiance to him.

According to Abor’s allegations, the objective is to intimidate and harass delegates perceived as supporters of his candidacy on the voting day, scheduled for January 27.

Furthermore, Abor alleged that Henry Quartey and his team had devised an elaborate scheme to tamper with the election results by unlawfully stuffing ballot boxes with pre-marked ballots.

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